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Cairngorms Loop – Inner Loop

Our trip began on the day after the warmest Scottish summer for years had finished, ahh well are least we had a warm welcome at Rods house drinking coffee at the start of our adventure.

We went via Ryvoan then up Bynack and then the descent down to Fords of Avon to the bothy where a group of walkers were surprised and amused to see people on bikes (we soon found out why haha). The water crossing wasn’t too deep as it had not rained properly for weeks but it was a rocky path up from Strath Nethy a tough 3/4 hour of pushing and carrying. Once at the top we soon had smiles on our faces descending into Lin of Dee.

As it was only 4pm and plenty of daylight left and not quite warm enough to hang around we just had a bite to eat at Bob Scott’s bothy and then moved on to camp by the Geldie burn. This for me was the part I had been dreading as I only had a bivvy bag and as I said earlier we had missed summer and it was quite a cold day.

Rod had the sensible option of a proper mountain tent, Chris had a tent shaped like a coffin (worrying) Alban had a tarp which was great in the evening but half way through the night the wind direction changed and it turned into a wind sock. We all survived the night and enjoyed coffee made from the river that we were camped by.

The next day got wetter and wetter but the riding was excellent singletrack and once across the scaffold bridge mostly downhill we had one big river crossing then a second one which was over your knees only to discover we had missed a track which could have avoided it doh. We stopped in at the newly renovated bothy at Feshie Bridge where a friendly guy from the estate was offering coffee warmed from the stove which was most welcome.

We went past the Lagganlia glider centre and made are way onto Inschriach bothy for another food stop and rest. We then went past Loch Morlich and stopped at the Pine martin bar and had a couple of very welcome pints and then the last stage Ryvoan and back to Nethy Bridge.

All in all a fantastic couple of days riding and good times, cheers guys

Words – George

Photos – George, Chris & Alban

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